My Buddy Dad!

Parenting has assumed a new direction of late. There was a time when parents were associated with the words decorum, discipline, respect and manners. But nowadays we hear words like friend and buddy.

I personally feel my dad is my best friend. I can literally share every happening of my life with him.

“My dad is my King”, “I am my dad’s Princess”.. Enough of all this. I call my dad, my “yaar”. I have seen my friends shivering in front of their dad and I cannot relate to it.

Me and my dad share a bond like two buddies do. People often tell us that we behave like childhood friends. He becomes a teenager when I need him by my side and I behave like an adult when he is stressed and needs some suggestion.  My mom often gets jealous because daughters are usually more attached to their mothers but I find my life with my dad.

I do love my mom but it is always different when it comes to dad.

There was a crucial time in my life when my dad had a transfer and I had to attend a new school. I was so damn scared of getting bullied that I avoided school for days but then he was the one who encouraged me and in spite of knowing that I was bunking classes out of fear, he helped me stay at home for a few more days with him and shared memories of his school days. He also contacted few of my friends from my home city and got lovely messages from them and finally made me realize that it is not essential that every new comer is bullied. School was then fun.

Then came the time when I had deteriorating results. No wonder my dad studied the entire high school syllabus with me because I found it boring studying all by myself. I was proud of me and my dad’s result as I scored pretty decent in my boards.

Be it my education, relationships or career goals, Dad has always acted as my buddy, mentor and solicitor.

He is the coolest dad one has ever had and of course I am the loveliest daughter too. 😛

This post is inspired by Kellog’s KhulJaye Bachpan campaign. You can find more about them here.

Watch their wonderful commercial here


2 thoughts on “My Buddy Dad!”

  1. So loved reading about you bond with your dad, Sneha! When you have parents for buddies, you don’t really need a friend from the outside world.

    Here’s my take on the Khuljaye Bachpan campaign. I wrote about nephews, and I had so much to write, I wrote three posts! 😀

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