It Finally Happened! ||BergerXP|| Kolkata Indiblogger Meet

I was excited, I was nervous but most importantly I was happy. With a ‘Grand’ Venue and a super awesome set of hosts, team Indiblogger made Kolkata crazy.

The entrance was majestically setup where I was asked by one of the team members about my whereabouts. I entered my email on the system which was set up at the entrance. The badges were then provided where we had to write down our twitter handle (I had just registered on twitter 2 days back and I thanked God that I was saved from an obvious embarrassment 😛 ). We were served tea, coffee and delectable cookies. I was feeling shy to talk to people around me and just then a photographer popped up with a request for a photo click. I was accompanied by my sister and we both got clicked.

We then headed to the conference hall which looked awesome. I was wondering where to sit and then I and my sister took our seats at the back of the hall. The event started and a really cool guy (I later on came to know that he is Anoop) took me by surprise with his zeal and enthusiasm. The karaoke ‘Ich Will’ filled the hall with screams of joy and Kolkata began to show its colours.


A quick intro session then took place where several bloggers shared their blogging experiences. I got to learn a lot from them. Then we saw a really interesting presentation of Berger’s new painting equipments. In the meanwhile, winners for the photography contest were announced and we got a chance to see rare and breathtaking pictures clicked by fellow bloggers.


A quick tea/coffee break was the need of the hour. I interacted with many people and I started feeling that I am less of an introvert :P. Karthik and Saurabh took an initiative to start a conversation with me and my sister. We felt comfortable interacting with them and I actually started enjoying the ambience around me.


We headed to the conference hall once again and had one hell of a time by forming groups. I along with other 5 members of my team named our team ‘The Flash’. The first activity involved sanding a board in the conventional style and despite named ‘The Flash’ we took the longest to sand the board :D.


The next activity involved painting. I had a notion that I am pathetic at painting but the professional setup in the hall gave me goosebumps and I took up a brush in my hand. The painting turned out really bad but it looked fine when clicked :P. We obviously did not win any of the activities, but that didn’t discourage me because the evening gave me happiness and that is all I long for.


There was a best tweet competition running amidst all this and though I didn’t win that but I made it a point to click a picture of my tweet when it got displayed on the screen. 😛

It was time for a group photo and we all clustered together for an awesome click.
Dinner was then served and it was delicious. I was eyeing the gift bags which were getting ready for us and I finally received mine while leaving the venue.


It was a lifetime experience and I request the IB team to organise more meets for Kolkata bloggers. We will give you love.

Thank you #BergerXP for the warm welcome and for being such great hosts.
By now I am tired of thanking the Indiblogger team for their awesomeness. You people keep adding colours to our life. Give us a chance to pay you back. We need more meets and we will show you that Kolkata has immense joy to give.