Together Forever

We’ll always be together, forever!

So many of us make this promise and that too to so many people. However, do we really stick to the promises? Are we really together even when time plays its part! Do you really stand by the person when they need you?

When I was asked what real togetherness means, I wanted for once to talk of the times we spend sitting with the people who matter in the lap of nature rather than locked cubicles!
Yes! I am a smartphone junkie who spends a large part of my day exercising my thumbs and typing those endless texts to umpteen people. However, there are times when I want to hug people for real. I wish I could simply sit with the ones I truly love and do nothing.

You know what being together means? It is being there for someone even when they haven’t called you, but they needed you. It is simply sitting with them idly and enjoying the silence because it just feels perfect. It is enjoying the moments even when you hadn’t planned upon them.

One of my bestest friends was someone I met online. I can’t tell you what I felt when I finally met. Distance has a way of adding that one extra layer and this is why when we met, no matter how long I stayed, it felt so little.

There is something really magical about spending time with people in person. It is high time that we cut technology a teeny weeny break and embrace the real times together. To me, real togetherness is all about living every single promise you have ever made. Don’t break your promises because every broken promise leaves a scar. When you became friends with someone, you promised to stay together through thick and thin. So, take that occasional Sunday off and spend time chilling with friends because, in the end, you won’t recall the number of Sundays you have worked rather it is the fun and wild things you did with people who are your own!
So, it is high time that you take that break from your office you have been dreading for so long.

Sometimes, we live our best moments in these little times. We all have the same hours in a day and it is all about spending some quality time with the people who matter. Take a trekking break and cherish that early sunrise. Bond over a hiking trip and go and travel with your best buds!

Watch this beautiful advert by Kissan where they show what being together means. Yes, be prepared for your heart to get all mushy and if you really want my smart advice, go out and spend time in the open within your friends and family.

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