What to gift your Valentine—shower your lover with the choicest of gifts this Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, togetherness, and the pristine union that keeps the two of you together, forever! Lovers all around the world await this day, to express undying love for each other! A fragrant rose or a card bearing a heartfelt message; tokens of love that are immeasurable in their value; the little things that can bring a spontaneous smile to your face! We all crave to love and to be loved! And isn’t it just wonderful to be put on a pedestal by that one individual, who knows you inside out? Promise your Valentine a lifetime of happiness and togetherness! Apart from sharing precious words of love, exchange gifts with your Valentine and make the intensity of your love known to them! There is a faint possibility that you may be running out of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Read through and know what to gift your Valentine. Exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day is not just customary; it is a sweet gesture that brings you closer to your loved one!

Valentine gifts for him— the best opportunity to please him!

Gifting him something is not going to be tricky this Valentine’s Day. An array of tempting gifts available at Jabong.com will help you make swift shopping choices! A slick pair of RayBan sunglasses will give him a wonderful edge and would make him a center of attraction on all occasions. Perfumes by Calvin Klein are powered with the fragrance of love! Gift your favorite man perfumes that will have a lingering effect on his senses and would constantly remind him of you, even in your absence. Accessories by Tommy Hilfiger may just be the best gifts for your boyfriend, as they have a lot of love to offer! Trendy cuff links and cute bow ties are some of the curious accessories that a man will totally identify with! Wallets from Da Milano, bags by Hidesign, watches by FOSSIL and shirts by UCB that exude scintillating charm are great picks for the Valentine week.

Valentine gifts for her— let her know that you treasure her presence!

We know she means the world to you; her mere presence fills your heart and life with joyous happiness! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you know that the perfect gift will make her day! Give her a great reason to smile this day and priceless gifts for your girlfriend. Treat your girl to a lovable lip shade by Lakme this Valentine’s Day, so that she can wear your love on your lips every day! Your girlfriend will totally flip over the snappy-happy designer bags by Lavie, as each bag is absolutely gorgeous in style and make. Gift her uniquely crafted watches by GUESS, and RayBan sunglasses to make her Valentine’s Day super special! You can throw in some intimate lingerie by Amante, Voylla jewelry, and fashionable dresses by VERO MODA to seal the deal!

So spread some love this Valentine Week and fall in love all over again! Three cheers!



Beautiful Gold Mornings

What are your thoughts on morning? Do you really love the time invested in making a morning beautiful?

I am one of those people who believe that every morning when you wake up, it is upon you to shape how the day goes. You can both whine and complain about how the day went or you can make a morning gold like and then keep rolling it in the right way.

I recently came across the 360 gold morning campaign by Colgate and it really made me happy because the campaign spoke to me in a lot of ways.

Every time I wake up in the morning, I concentrate hard to make sure that I can come up with a positive thought. I am not the most energetic person in the world and I don’t really spend a lot of time exercising. However, I do make it a point to inhale fresh air as it believed that it helps in infusing the mind working with positivity and optimism.

This for me makes every good morning gold morning for me. I am really glad for the choices I made and I love the way Colgate inspires us to turn every good morning into a gold one.

What do you do for it? Well, brushing your teeth is the first thing that strikes your mind when you wake up. How about brushing your teeth with gold? Sounds exciting right? The Colgate 360 degree charcoal gold will not just give you shiny teeth but will make your morning gold.

Also, waking up next to my sister is what makes me feel happy because she is my world and a soul so great is sure to make my good morning turn to gold. So, yoga followed by a cup of coffee and newspaper is what I consider as an ideal way to stat my day.

It is important for every individual to begin the day on a fresh note as a dampening start to the day will ruin the rest for you. I believe that morning shouldn’t just be good; it can be mad beautiful too.

It really isn’t very hard to achieve it. All you need to do is have a positive motivating thought, the people you love by your side, the perfect smile and voila you are all set.

I recently stumbled upon the #Colgate360GoldMornings and I was amazed and inspired by their concept. They can really turn a good morning into a gold one and will jazz your day like nothing else.

If you want to know more about their campaign, make sure to visit them here.