Surprise Stories

Aren’t stories the best thing ever? Add to it the fact that when little children concoct tiny tales, it makes everything a wee bit magical. So, I managed to live this perfect dream moment when I saw the tiny little toddlers at my home showcasing one of the best surprises to me in my life.

I still remember it was the year I had turned 16. Unlike most tipsy teenager, I wasn’t particularly excited about my birthday because it was one of those drama induced days where I cared about why the frigging earth rotated all the time.

However, I had no idea of the amazing surprise that was in store for me. As I unlocked the door, I saw a group of little children and they started telling the stories. Everything was magical. The whole stage was lit and they all started playing my pictures.

It was a cascaded series of photos running right from my childhood until the time I had turned 16. Three of my nephews started narrating my journey and they all told some of my favorite childhood tales I couldn’t even believe my eyes and ears and I felt like I would just melt in the arms of my loving ones.

When they had told the most adorable memories I had, they all came together and broke into a song. They started narrating too many tales and we even made up some amazing stories of how I was their warrior princess and I slay all dragons and rescued the world.

I remembered how I had once told that I wanted to be an astronaut. So, one of my nephews came forward and told me about how I, the astronaut saved earth from a falling meteor. I had to try everything for the sake of holding back the tears.

When they were done narrating the tales and making every moment magical, I knew that the time was right for some loving moments. I hugged all of them and kissed them endlessly. Even now, when I look back at the moments, there is nothing that I do not remember.

I absolutely love every bit of the moment and I know that nothing looks as beautiful as little children narrating the right tales. Ever since then, I have spent a lot of time with my adorable little ones and often tell tales with them.

They have grown a bunch and even then, the magic of the stories is still going strong. Recently, I even got them Colgate magical stories and they all got extremely excited and elated. With the right charming stories and little children, I knew that life had it in it to be perfect.

Whenever the going gets tough, I love to fall back on all these tiny moments which can make things all the more wonderful. I get all mushy whenever I recall all these precious moments. Isn’t life anything but a bundle of memories which we just can’t get over on?

What are some of your special moments which you truly cherish?


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