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App That Makes Me Smile!

In today’s times, each one of us owns a Smartphone. The very thought of spending a day without your phone is palpable. While some of us think that technology has ruined us, I believe that it has made life a lot easier. If it was not for the smartphones, I wouldn’t be able to stay connected with so many of my awesome friends all over the globe.

Keeping in mind the growing demand of telecom services, Airtel came up with an awesome app that allows the users to do a lot more! Here, I am going to talk about three of the best features that make My Airtel app one of the preferred choices for one and all.

Pay your bills
Paying off your bills can be a Herculean task and more so, if you are like me when you absolutely detest going out for doing mundane chores.
The app is so designed that it allows you to make payments easily. You no longer need to go to shops to pay off the bills. You will have all the details configured in the app itself and with the help of a few clicks; you can easily pay off all your bills. Now, that is what we call a smart app, don’t we?

Make your own plans
Another thing which you can do is craft your own plans! I personally tend to dislike most of the available plans mostly because they have not been tailored for me.
We all crave for customization as it gives us the feeling that we are special. Apart from this, it also helps us make the most out of our money. No one wants to spend more and when you have managed to download this app, you can choose your own plans and then work upon it. Isn’t it the best thing which you could have asked for?

Pay for friends and family
Sometimes, we wish to do a little extra for our friends and family. There is so much that desires to be done. You want to make a friend happy and there is no better way than gifting them extra mobile balance. This makes it a lot easier for people to explore ways by which you can help your friends and family! Not only this, the app is so designed that you can add your family and friends and you can share the whole pack with them as well. This is certainly an awesome situation and it can help you pamper your family and at the same time, seek their help as well. Really, I couldn’t have asked for more because it certainly seems to have the best of both the worlds!

These are some of the different reasons as to why I absolutely love this app. Click this link here to know more!


It’s All About Asus

When it comes to smartphones, I am very choosy and particular about selecting the perfect Smartphone for myself. One can never expect all the best features to be present in a single Smartphone but the Asus Zenfone 2 is one of its kind.
It is the perfect device for me and I am waiting eagerly to grab one very soon.
I would love to highlight some of its top features and I am sure the ones reading my post will also end up craving for this beast.

1. Operating system: Having the Android OS v5.0, it is one of the few devices running on the lollipop version and people are always crazy for devices with the latest android OS thus giving it an edge over other devices running on the previous versions.

2. A Beast processor: With an excellent Quad core processor of 2.3 GHz, it is an excellent device when it comes to performance. This is without a doubt, the world’s first Smartphone with a 4 GB RAM. This in turn makes it a beast in terms of speed and efficiency.

3. Battery brilliance: a perfect Smartphone is of no use if it does not provide you with good battery efficiency. The Asus Zenfone 2 is way ahead in terms of battery brilliance with 3000 mAh of battery performance. It is a powerful device which will support you an entire day without any hassle of charging it time and again.

4. The BIG screen: if you have a fancy of big screens for your Smartphone then the Asus Zenfone is made for you. A 5.5 inch screen carved with Corning gorilla glass 3 fills you with awesomeness when you are watching clips movies or even photos. With 1080* 1920 pixels the clarity will leave you dumbstruck. The multi-touch feature is like cherry on the cake. Overall you will have an awesome experience on your Asus Zenfone 2.

5. Click-on camera: say cheese and get perfect clicks with the Asus Zenfone 2. A 13 MP primary camera with autofocus, dual led feature and 4128*3096 pixels will give you stunning pictures and you surely don’t need to carry your camera anymore. It comes with a 5 MP secondary camera which is a boon for all selfie lovers out there. Also, it is a great device for those who love making video calls too.

Thus, I find Asus Zenfone 2 a complete package with all the features intact. A must buy for the those who are looking for a Smartphone. I am on my way to grab one soon. I hope the features got you excited enough too. No doubt, this is one phone which is surely going to revolutionize the kind of experience which most of us have had with most smart phones. What are your thoughts on the same? I would love to know, if you like this gadget as much as I do!

Recharge Online And Enjoy The Benefits

When you are looking to recharge your phone, you should make it a point to check out the different online websites where you can recharge your phone with ease. There are a lot of different Airtel online recharge prepaid offers and you need to make sure that you are choosing the top portal that will offer you the finest facilities.

Even when you are looking to check CDMA online recharge, you will find a lot of different portals and you must make it a point to go through the different offers. Most recharge sites will list the details of the different offers and you can keep an eye on all of them to find the most economical deals that will serve your need.

Even when you are looking to opt for some of the best dth packages, you should check out online. When you are looking to recharge online, you will not have to worry about standing in a queue. There are a lot of benefits of opting to recharge online and some of the main points deal with the ease with which you can carry out the transactions.

The only thing which you need to be a little skeptical of is the security aspect. There are a lot of different transactions that are not so secure and you should check out the sites that are laden with the best facilities. If a site is secured, you will be able to make the most out of your decision to recharge online.


Recharging Your Connection Easily

There are a lot of people who find it troublesome to recharge their phones and they should opt to do it online. There are a lot of different portals that offer online recharge facilities and it is up to you to keep an eye on all these aspects and find out the reliable portal that offers the finest facilities.

If you are looking to find sms pack online, you will be able to explore the details of the offers at different online portals. One of the key benefits of recharging your number online is that you can recharge it whenever you want and there is no time restriction. Further, you ca go through all the different offers and pick the ones that seem to be best for you. Hence, the options that you are going to have will be numerous.

Even if you are looking for internet data card, you will be able to find the best deal and offers that can turn out to be handy for you. Find sites that offer facilities like rechargeit now and after you have gone through the details of the portal, you can choose their services. If you will be using your cards for making payments, it is important to know that you should check whether or not the portal is authentic because the last thing which you would want is people to steal your confidential and private information.

So, keep all these facts in mind and then choose the best recharge schemes and enjoy easy recharge on the go.


Recharge Your Number Easily

Tired of waiting to get your number recharged? Many among us have felt the problems of recharging their numbers because we hate to wait for log hours simply to have our number recharged. You can opt for Vodafone online recharge as it is an easy way of solving all your problems.

However, even when you are choosing online recharge method, you have to keep an eye on a lot of different aspects. It is extremely crucial to check that the site you are choosing to recharge your number is authentic and not fake. There are a few sites that offer you free recharge facilities and in most of the cases, it is likely that they are spam sites and are not going to help you out.

Eve if you are using Vodafone Delhi, you can access sites from anywhere in India and get your number recharged in the matter of few minutes. So, you should take out time and trace out the best sites that are hailed to be the finest when it comes to online mode of recharging. Not just phones, even when you are looking to subscribe for HD dth to make payments for your subscriptions, you can check the same at the sites as well.

So, you are going to have numerous options at your hand. With help from the right sites, recharging your phone or paying your subscription is not going to be any kid of hassles for you. You will be free to make your own call and pick your own choices as well.


Secure Online Portals Offer Online Recharge Facility

Many a times, it so happens that you forget to keep track of your mobile balance and just when you need to make an urgent call, you will face the problem of insufficient balance.  If you have faced similar problems in the past, you need to know that there are a lot of different online portals that offer you the facility of online recharge.

It is up to you to keep an eye on the best portals that can offer you the facility of mobile recharge India. When you are going through the details, you will spot that there are specific portal too. Say, if you are looking to opt for reliance 3g recharge, you can find portal that caters exclusively to these services. The choice is yours as to which portal you are choosing.

However, it is advised that you should keep an eye out on the security factors that you can find at the site. There is no point in fiddling with the security arrangements as it is not going to assist you in the long run. If the site isn’t secure, intruders can get access of your credit card information and this will skew and mess your matters a great deal.

So, even if you are looking to recharge your BSNL prepaid mobile, feel free to do it online. For your own assurance, read the reviews and be sure that you are putting your money at the right place and in the right ways. If the site is secured, half your work is done.


The Various Benefits Of Online Recharges

Do you like to opt for online mobile recharge? There are a lot of different portals that can help you in recharging your mobiles and when you are doing it online, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. So, ideally you should check out the plethora of options that you have and based on that, you can make use of the best portals that will help you out.

If you are an Airtel dth user, you should check out the details of how you can opt for Airtel dth online recharge and this can help you in easy recharging of your bills and the benefits will be there to reap. Not just DTH recharge, there are a lot of other portals and connection too.

If you are looking for an efficient dish TV online recharge portal, you can find that too. So, when you are looking at the best portals that you can use, you should ideally check the plethora of options you have, extract the details, compare them and then come to the right conclusion regarding which portal can give you the finest facilities.

After you have found the most befitting portals, you can enjoy the facility of online recharge and the dividends will be there for you to reap. When you start opting for online methods of recharging, you are likely to get addicted to this form and it will provide you various different benefits. Cherish the different pleasures that will arise because of opting for mobile recharge.