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Loneliness Bites

The world has got busy because the people dwelling here are so damn engrossed in their work life. We don’t have time for ourselves and I honestly feel we need a break from the busy life and actually start living someday. amidst all these thoughts, I stumbled upon this quote and I felt “Wow, what a coincidence, I was thinking about loneliness and this thing came up.”


Is this a signal from God? Am I to meet someone? Or maybe, it was the time to know what life is and I have surely understood a bit now.

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A Healthy diet leads to a happy life

Junk food always tastes the best but they are the worst for our body. Just like we love junk food, the same way they love us back by sticking to us in the form of body fat. Everyone wants to eat tasty but look healthy. Nowadays, obesity can be seen as a common issue and it is a serious threat to the society. An imbalanced diet can make people sick and prone to many diseases some of which are dangerous. People need to understand the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet.

Dabur, one of the reputed companies in market has always come up with healthy products that have changed the life of people. The most important product being Honey. It is said and proven that a spoonful of honey with warm water early in the morning can make you fit and healthy. But it is not this easy as it sounds.

Just having honey in the morning won’t help. Keeping yourself in shape is not so easy. A proper diet plan is a must. You must have all ingredients in your diet and that too in a balanced quantity. Some people have also started following crash diets. Crash diet not only exploits your body but also makes you weak and your body suffers from imbalances resulting in sickness.

It is utmost important for people to understand that the diet plan followed by them should be balanced and not crash diet. Skipping meals for days and then having loads of food in a day does not make any sense. Chalking out a proper diet plan with the help of Dabur’s honey diet will give you a happy life. Once you are fit, you will be happy at heart and feel young.

Start doing the little things. Honey is an excellent substitute for sugar. The amount of calories you pile up in the form of sugar consumed is terribly high. This is why you should always opt for smarter alternatives. Honey also helps in improving the digestive ability of your body. This means that the food you eat will be efficiently broken down into micro-components which in turn can be digested by the body. So, keep these factors into consideration and learn more about the excellent honey diet here.

There are people who have started opting for it and have sensed the changes as well. There is no reason as to why you too cannot benefit from the same. With the best honey diet and a little yoga or may be cardio exercise, you are surely going to succeed in attaining the perfect body shape which will make you feel good about yourself. So, when are you starting this new change of diet? I would recommend to begin today!


We all crave to look beautiful and try every possible method to make our skin healthy. Some of them work wonders while some methods are just for namesake.
It is rightly said that water is indispensable for life. Same goes for a healthy skin. If you want your skin to look flawless and wonderful, water is the key ingredient. Drinking plenty of water makes your skin go wow. Also washing your face with water 2-3 times a day removes dirt and keep the pores open thus making the skin healthy.
There are various natural herbs, plants etc which can make your skin beautiful. One such natural cream which has been used since generations and has managed to make a defining mark has to be VICCO Turmeric Cream. It has all the essential natural elements along with turmeric. It will give your skin the perfect glow and make you look gorgeous. No doubt, there are a lot of people who have managed to make the perfect mark and get a flawless skin simply by using the right kind of ayurvedic creams.
Nowadays people have a busy schedule and they don’t get time to look after their skin and practice natural tips for skin care. The natural Vicco turmeric cream is perfect for people who cannot devote time towards skin care and keeping care of their beauty.
Aloe Vera is also one of the best natural products which you can use too. It tightens the skin and keeps your skin fresh and glowing. Have you seen a lot of women applying natural aloe Vera extracts on their faces? If you are not aware of the different ayurvedic ways by which you can improve the quality of your skin type, you can always fall back on ayurvedic creams. My advice to everyone out there looking for natural ways to stay young and vibrant would be to find natural herbs and pants like Tulsi, Neem and so on. A paste of all these plants will help you in enriching your face and it will bring in the much needed glow too.
When you apply the right ingredients and you also take good care of the diet you follow, it is surely going to rejuvenate your skin and it shall bring in the best results for you too. So, we would advise you to take good care of your skin.
People say that beauty is temporary but it doesn’t means that you should not take care of how you look. We all love receiving compliments for the way we look. If you are tired of wasting money on chemicals and artificial synthetically products, you can go natural and choose ayurvedic methods of beautifying your skin. Enjoy the perks of beauty and you can always choose Vicco turmeric cream for getting the best benefits.


Umpteen Reasons For Food

I have a fetish for cooking and I love the praises that pour in after I make a really delicious meal. However even the best cooks will find it hard to cook for themselves because cooking and food is something which you enjoy when you have company.

This is why when I heard of Guptaji’s nashta, I was excited beyond words. I wanted to go to Guptaji’s home for lip smacking nashta because of too many reasons.

First of all, you need to know that I absolutely love food; almost all kind of food. When it comes to breakfast, I like eating a king sized meal after all, I have been without food for nearly 10 hours. So, if going to Guptaji’s would mean packing my stomach with some really yummy meals, why would I even think again?

As I was surfing through the different choices, I was amazed at the amount of options and variety which they have to offer. I must shamelessly admit that I did steal quite a few recipes because who doesn’t likes trying out some incredibly tasty stuff.

Next, I would love to go to Guptaji’s home for that really amazing crush vala nashta. I mean it has chocolate in it. Talk of chocolate and I could get ready to sell my kidney. Okay, may be that was a little too much, but hey, it is the sentiments that count. I absolutely love the creativity in that recipe and if Guptaji could serve that first crush vala nashta, my day, week, month and even year would be so glorious that I could practically feel that I bagged an Oscar.

Last but not the least, I would head to Guptaji’s place because I love Kellogg’s and I love when people get creative with food. I love the idea of sting down with people, gossiping about the latest buzz in the locality and taking one’s own sweet time to munch down their favourite breakfast and I love when neighbours are more than just neighbours as you always have the power to choose a family. I love the whole idea of having people you could fall back on to satiate the never ending hunger pangs and if it comes with some deliciously rich breakfast, we really cannot complain at all.

These are some of my reasons as to why I would love to head to Guptaji’s home. To be very honest, I really don’t need a reason as long as there is food. There is something so satisfying about eating a good meal that it cannot be expressed in words. Add to this the fact that Kellogg’s is actually a healthy meal which means that not only it keeps me happy, but it also keeps my mom off my back with her lectures on good food.

Check out some of the amazing recipes here and do watch Kellogg’s amazing advertisements and recipe videos here.

You can also take a look at their video right here.


Bolder Yet Better

Living in a joint family gives you plenty of reasons to enjoy and stay happy but then as said everything has its own pros and cons, such is the case with joint families too. Millions of restrictions and plenty of rules, yes that happens to be the greatest con of living in a joint family.

I share a great rapport with my cousins and they are no less than friends. I always had the notion that who needs friends when one has cousins like these but then a love life is a must.

My family never told me not to have guy friends but, I never saw any of my cousins doing so. May be they never disclosed it just like me. We have been groomed so since birth. Honestly I never spoke to guys till class 10. When I went for tuitions and classes in class 11, I started talking to guys and it just felt normal. But I never had the guts to disclose this in front of any family member. I had this notion in my mind that I am not allowed to talk to guys.

Talking to a guy secretly was still ok but falling for one was a difficult task for me. Yes, it happened. I started developing feelings for that special guy in my friends group and then gradually we went into a relationship.

I was always close to my dad and literally shared all my thoughts and feelings with him. It always pinched my soul when I realised that I have been hiding facts from my dad. One sudden day, I thought why not talk to dad regarding my feeling. Falling in love is not a sin. He will obviously understand. But I couldn’t gather courage. Days passed on and then came my 20th birthday. I entered my dad’s room early morning and told him that I am in a relationship since 2 years.


But it was more shocking for me when he started asking me the guys whereabouts and then I didn’t realize that I started describing his looks. My dad was so cool about it. I felt like I was a fool all these years. So often we are scared of what others would think and we do not even realize that the ones we love do not judge us for our choices.

Yes, it did take me a lot of courage. I had to muster every single ounce of strength. For others t may seem to be a very ordinary thing, but when you love someone, you are always scared to break their trust. I knew I wasn’t wrong and perhaps that is where I gained my strength. Today I am happy I chose to confide in my dad after all, where there is love, there is trust.

Did you do anything bold which makes you proud of who you are? Do let me know! Watch this wonderful video by Housing which shall give you the inspiration to #StartANewLife


Buying The Best Dresses You Will Love To Wear

There are a lot of different styles and designs of apparels that you can find. The decision should be taken on the basis of your preferences and choices. If you like to wear Islamic fashion, you should check out some of the best stores that sell such stuffs.

Some people love georgette sarees because they are superbly stylish and sophisticated. They come in a lot of different budgets and you should try and look out for offers and discounts that can turn out to be useful for you. In order to find the right deals that are economical, it is advised to make comparisons between the different products and their rates.

However, when you are buying apparels, it is extremely crucial to check that you are not compromising with quality. Compromising with quality is only going to create problems for you. Inferior quality of products will not last long and you will have to replace them all over again.

Even Pakistani salwar are trendy and in vogue. It is up to you to keep an eye on all these details and then choose the style that seems to serve your purpose to the fullest. You should always opt for such styles that are in tandem with your personality. The best clothes are the ones which you will be comfortable to wear and so rather than basing your entire decision upon the trend meter, it is better to buy those dresses which you are going to love to wear and then enjoy the accolades.



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