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So Indian!

Oh geez you should see the shit that Indians do!

Omg, really you mean did your uncle actually hold his breath for the last over during every match in the World Cup? 

Are you kidding me? You want me to believe that by skipping the third question in the exam, you have managed to top it every time? Like how screwed is this logic? 

We Indians do not believe in the rule books because we create our own. We have broken a hell lot of stereotypes and perhaps created even more of them. Regardless of how good, bad, reliable, questionable our history may be, there’s one thing for sure – we are a bunch of crazy little people who believe in our own ideologies and heck we are the winners.

When it comes to Indian way of thinking which contributes to our success story, I can’t help but remember incidents from my own life. Like even today a big fat smile sits wide on my face every time I allow myself to slip back to that beautiful memory.

Dear God.

Ever since we grow up, we are taught to leave things on Dear God. It doesn’t matters whether or not I studied my lessons diligently but keeping Lord Ganesha figurine on the desk during exams is sure to sail me off. No, no I am not even being satirical here. Trust me; I debated with my board examiner for a precise 15 minutes because he didn’t let me keep my Ganesha idol on my desk. Obviously, in the end, he decided Indian religion is larger than exam and I sat like a hunk with the idol on my desk and hello, before you roll your eyes and go judgmental on me, let me tell you I scored a whopping 91 percent and dude, I am a science strident so that is of course some kind of gnash inspired holy smoking good marks, OKAY!

When the school days bid me a teary goodbye, it was time for the swag college period to begin. Some people would think that such religious successful thinking ways would find no place in the swag college days but hey, swag and sanskaar goes hand in hand.

Every exam, I still sat with the same idol even to the questioning glances by some of my colleagues who were too cool for the idol, but guess what again, my CGPA was a whole lot more colorful than their makeup smeared faces.

So, guys you don’t need to be an Einstein to understand that despite what you call superstitions and old belief and strange success ways, we Indians have a way of approaching our things, but, even I was not papered for what was to follow in my corporate career. I mean, I would seriously ask you to wear your seat belts before you take a plunge at the rest of the story because my boss is the epitome of being Extremely Indian when it comes to Indian ways of winning, like he totally blew my mind with his logic or lack thereof.

The corporate classes

As I was sitting on my computer idly punching the keys because hello 4889 lines of code and guess what, 7k errors. Like I couldn’t even face anyone who even gets 7k errors in a single program, – of course! Even now, I precariously took out the Ganesha idol that was always in my backpack hoping he would waive his Harry Potter magic wand and somehow everything will be fixed.

As soon as the idol popped on the desk, I saw my bleeping error and I smiled like a real big hunk. Seriously, the error was sitting right in front of my eyes and it took the Ganesha idol for me to see it. I knew we Indians had the best save up our sleeve. As I hit save and run the program again, guess what happened- no it didn’t run successfully, the errors shot up to 10k like what  a piece of logic!

I was sweating profusely under the burden of my own code when I heard a dangerous voice behind me – “Shruti, what’s the matter? You are setting a new record in the office with 10k errors in a 5k line of code.”

I could dread a hundred possibilities and I wondered if he was going to fire me. I looked at the Ganesha idol again and he didn’t have a single expression on his face. Oh geez, I needed someone.

Boss took a seat beside me and I gulped the water I had never drunk. I could feel the temperature rising and even my blood pressure was playing a swing enjoying the rise and fall with every beat.

He just said, “Don’t wear green on days you have to run code.”

It took me 3 complete minutes to understand what he is telling.

“What? Sir?” I said clearly unable to understand whatever it is that he meant.

“Every time I wear green, I screw up with the code.”

I didn’t know whether to smile or cry or laugh or bang my head.

“Go home and change. I am sure when you come back, the code will run just fine.”


Here was a boss that wanted me to go home and change and he earnestly believed that this would fix the errors in the code.  All the curious minds out there who wants to know if changing my clothes worked – well it did because one of my superiors ended up coming to the desk and he pointed one big blooper which fixed everything. So, whether or not you believe, I decided not to wear green anymore.”

This isn’t quite the end of the story yet as beloved boss has a string of rules he worships. To give you a sneak peek into his working mind, here is how he operates.

  1. Every Tuesday, we should start the work an hour late. This ends up culminating in more profits.

  2. No red dresses allowed in office during client meets.

  3. No green dresses while running code.

  4. When running code, men should always wear socks on one leg.

  5. No employees with names starting from “G” will be hired. If hired, the employee needs to change his/her name.

I know, these are too weird rules but like some Indians, we believe that sticking these rules has brought us so far and it will continue to do so. You know what, my code has run successfully by sticking to these rules.

As we were talking about all these things, we landed on this brilliant commercial by Lufthansa and as I showed it to my boss, he couldn’t help but grin and told me, “Shruti, don’t you think, they should have featured me in here after all who can be more Indian than me when it comes to winning ways.”

You too can watch this advert to see how Indian we are when it comes to winning ways.


Modern Day Dating Trends

The kind of emotions which you must go through when we mention the word ‘dating’ is stupendous. We all have fond memories of some dates to cherish. Some of us may not even be with the person anymore, but we can vividly recall the ‘good old dates’ we had been to.

Dating when done right is bound to give you a lot of great memories which gives you the zest to enjoy life.

With the changing times, it is likely that the rules of dating are going to change too. Gone are the days when only a guy could ask a girl out. It is high time now that even girls come to the forefront. There is nothing wrong in asking a guy out on a date if you have a liking for him. If you would like to get some dating tips for modern women, you should do that and get a fresh perspective on what dating means in today’s times.

The rising expenses

It is no surprise that the cost of dating has shot the roof. There are so many of us who struggle to bear the expenses. This is why if you are looking to go on a date but you do not want to burn a big hole in your pocket, you can always check out cheap date ideas for any budget.

There is no doubt that dating does not have to do with the kind of money you spend. Ideally, the meaning of dating is to spend some good time with the person you seem to be in love with. When you are on a date, it is the kind of quality time which the two of you spend that assumes the most importance.

So, look for cheap date options and have a great time even at shoestring budget.

Surprise Stories

Aren’t stories the best thing ever? Add to it the fact that when little children concoct tiny tales, it makes everything a wee bit magical. So, I managed to live this perfect dream moment when I saw the tiny little toddlers at my home showcasing one of the best surprises to me in my life.

I still remember it was the year I had turned 16. Unlike most tipsy teenager, I wasn’t particularly excited about my birthday because it was one of those drama induced days where I cared about why the frigging earth rotated all the time.

However, I had no idea of the amazing surprise that was in store for me. As I unlocked the door, I saw a group of little children and they started telling the stories. Everything was magical. The whole stage was lit and they all started playing my pictures.

It was a cascaded series of photos running right from my childhood until the time I had turned 16. Three of my nephews started narrating my journey and they all told some of my favorite childhood tales I couldn’t even believe my eyes and ears and I felt like I would just melt in the arms of my loving ones.

When they had told the most adorable memories I had, they all came together and broke into a song. They started narrating too many tales and we even made up some amazing stories of how I was their warrior princess and I slay all dragons and rescued the world.

I remembered how I had once told that I wanted to be an astronaut. So, one of my nephews came forward and told me about how I, the astronaut saved earth from a falling meteor. I had to try everything for the sake of holding back the tears.

When they were done narrating the tales and making every moment magical, I knew that the time was right for some loving moments. I hugged all of them and kissed them endlessly. Even now, when I look back at the moments, there is nothing that I do not remember.

I absolutely love every bit of the moment and I know that nothing looks as beautiful as little children narrating the right tales. Ever since then, I have spent a lot of time with my adorable little ones and often tell tales with them.

They have grown a bunch and even then, the magic of the stories is still going strong. Recently, I even got them Colgate magical stories and they all got extremely excited and elated. With the right charming stories and little children, I knew that life had it in it to be perfect.

Whenever the going gets tough, I love to fall back on all these tiny moments which can make things all the more wonderful. I get all mushy whenever I recall all these precious moments. Isn’t life anything but a bundle of memories which we just can’t get over on?

What are some of your special moments which you truly cherish?


What to gift your Valentine—shower your lover with the choicest of gifts this Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, togetherness, and the pristine union that keeps the two of you together, forever! Lovers all around the world await this day, to express undying love for each other! A fragrant rose or a card bearing a heartfelt message; tokens of love that are immeasurable in their value; the little things that can bring a spontaneous smile to your face! We all crave to love and to be loved! And isn’t it just wonderful to be put on a pedestal by that one individual, who knows you inside out? Promise your Valentine a lifetime of happiness and togetherness! Apart from sharing precious words of love, exchange gifts with your Valentine and make the intensity of your love known to them! There is a faint possibility that you may be running out of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Read through and know what to gift your Valentine. Exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day is not just customary; it is a sweet gesture that brings you closer to your loved one!

Valentine gifts for him— the best opportunity to please him!

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Valentine gifts for her— let her know that you treasure her presence!

We know she means the world to you; her mere presence fills your heart and life with joyous happiness! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you know that the perfect gift will make her day! Give her a great reason to smile this day and priceless gifts for your girlfriend. Treat your girl to a lovable lip shade by Lakme this Valentine’s Day, so that she can wear your love on your lips every day! Your girlfriend will totally flip over the snappy-happy designer bags by Lavie, as each bag is absolutely gorgeous in style and make. Gift her uniquely crafted watches by GUESS, and RayBan sunglasses to make her Valentine’s Day super special! You can throw in some intimate lingerie by Amante, Voylla jewelry, and fashionable dresses by VERO MODA to seal the deal!

So spread some love this Valentine Week and fall in love all over again! Three cheers!



Together Forever

We’ll always be together, forever!

So many of us make this promise and that too to so many people. However, do we really stick to the promises? Are we really together even when time plays its part! Do you really stand by the person when they need you?

When I was asked what real togetherness means, I wanted for once to talk of the times we spend sitting with the people who matter in the lap of nature rather than locked cubicles!
Yes! I am a smartphone junkie who spends a large part of my day exercising my thumbs and typing those endless texts to umpteen people. However, there are times when I want to hug people for real. I wish I could simply sit with the ones I truly love and do nothing.

You know what being together means? It is being there for someone even when they haven’t called you, but they needed you. It is simply sitting with them idly and enjoying the silence because it just feels perfect. It is enjoying the moments even when you hadn’t planned upon them.

One of my bestest friends was someone I met online. I can’t tell you what I felt when I finally met. Distance has a way of adding that one extra layer and this is why when we met, no matter how long I stayed, it felt so little.

There is something really magical about spending time with people in person. It is high time that we cut technology a teeny weeny break and embrace the real times together. To me, real togetherness is all about living every single promise you have ever made. Don’t break your promises because every broken promise leaves a scar. When you became friends with someone, you promised to stay together through thick and thin. So, take that occasional Sunday off and spend time chilling with friends because, in the end, you won’t recall the number of Sundays you have worked rather it is the fun and wild things you did with people who are your own!
So, it is high time that you take that break from your office you have been dreading for so long.

Sometimes, we live our best moments in these little times. We all have the same hours in a day and it is all about spending some quality time with the people who matter. Take a trekking break and cherish that early sunrise. Bond over a hiking trip and go and travel with your best buds!

Watch this beautiful advert by Kissan where they show what being together means. Yes, be prepared for your heart to get all mushy and if you really want my smart advice, go out and spend time in the open within your friends and family.


It Finally Happened! ||BergerXP|| Kolkata Indiblogger Meet

I was excited, I was nervous but most importantly I was happy. With a ‘Grand’ Venue and a super awesome set of hosts, team Indiblogger made Kolkata crazy.

The entrance was majestically setup where I was asked by one of the team members about my whereabouts. I entered my email on the system which was set up at the entrance. The badges were then provided where we had to write down our twitter handle (I had just registered on twitter 2 days back and I thanked God that I was saved from an obvious embarrassment 😛 ). We were served tea, coffee and delectable cookies. I was feeling shy to talk to people around me and just then a photographer popped up with a request for a photo click. I was accompanied by my sister and we both got clicked.

We then headed to the conference hall which looked awesome. I was wondering where to sit and then I and my sister took our seats at the back of the hall. The event started and a really cool guy (I later on came to know that he is Anoop) took me by surprise with his zeal and enthusiasm. The karaoke ‘Ich Will’ filled the hall with screams of joy and Kolkata began to show its colours.


A quick intro session then took place where several bloggers shared their blogging experiences. I got to learn a lot from them. Then we saw a really interesting presentation of Berger’s new painting equipments. In the meanwhile, winners for the photography contest were announced and we got a chance to see rare and breathtaking pictures clicked by fellow bloggers.


A quick tea/coffee break was the need of the hour. I interacted with many people and I started feeling that I am less of an introvert :P. Karthik and Saurabh took an initiative to start a conversation with me and my sister. We felt comfortable interacting with them and I actually started enjoying the ambience around me.


We headed to the conference hall once again and had one hell of a time by forming groups. I along with other 5 members of my team named our team ‘The Flash’. The first activity involved sanding a board in the conventional style and despite named ‘The Flash’ we took the longest to sand the board :D.


The next activity involved painting. I had a notion that I am pathetic at painting but the professional setup in the hall gave me goosebumps and I took up a brush in my hand. The painting turned out really bad but it looked fine when clicked :P. We obviously did not win any of the activities, but that didn’t discourage me because the evening gave me happiness and that is all I long for.


There was a best tweet competition running amidst all this and though I didn’t win that but I made it a point to click a picture of my tweet when it got displayed on the screen. 😛

It was time for a group photo and we all clustered together for an awesome click.
Dinner was then served and it was delicious. I was eyeing the gift bags which were getting ready for us and I finally received mine while leaving the venue.


It was a lifetime experience and I request the IB team to organise more meets for Kolkata bloggers. We will give you love.

Thank you #BergerXP for the warm welcome and for being such great hosts.
By now I am tired of thanking the Indiblogger team for their awesomeness. You people keep adding colours to our life. Give us a chance to pay you back. We need more meets and we will show you that Kolkata has immense joy to give.


Kurti Trends You Must Check Out In Summers

Gone are the days when Indian girls had to worry about limited fashion styles, now they worry about the lack of time available for trying out all of them. Whether you talk about western wear or Indian wear, girls have a lot to choose from for their day-to-day style. Especially kurtis and kurtas for women have evolved three folds over the last couple of years. They are no longer the boring Indian wear worn on days when you do not feel like dressing up.

Indian designers have ensured to add their part in remaking of the Kurti saga with merging international fashion, traditional styles and Indian fabrics for bringing out the best of kurtis one can expect. You have now unimaginable styles, designs and prints worked up on the kurtis, making them a fascinating range of apparel.

Every girl is now digging them like insane. The love and craze shown for skinny jeans once is now poured over kurtis, maybe with much more intensity. What had made this apparel much more exciting and sought after option for women of all ages is its availability in multiple styles. The style, which is popular in this season, will not be available in another. Indian fashion designers keep on introducing new styles in kurtis in every season. Some of the options popular in this season are:

Long kurtas style

Long kurtas were first introduced in Pakistan from where it crossed borders and entered the Indian fashion territory. Available in multiple colors and prints, these kurtas are adored by women of all cadres.


You can wear long kurtas with palazzo pants, Ghaghra style salwars or leggings for a modern day banjara look. Throw in some Boho style jewelry and no one can beat you in the looking like a diva!

Tunic style


Tunic style is a sort of indo western style kurti, which is a combination of western tunics with Indian short kurtis. These ones are quite popular among college going girls who love trendy look without much hassle of carrying dupattas. Wear them with leggings or your skinny jeans for a hip look!

Frock style

If you have worn frocks at an early age, which I bet you have, and loved to wear them, these kurtis are for you. A mix of western frock and anarkali design, but a bit short in length, these kurtis are very chic.


You can wear them with leggings to office, college or just as a comfortable casual wear. You can also try them as dresses by skipping leggings.

Anarkali style

One of the most popular styles, anarkali kurtis is very popular these days. After being one of the most worn wedding outfit, simple, solid colored, printed or embroidered anarkali kurtis are a must have daily wear for girls.


If you do not like those heavy anarkali suits, these kurtis are just fine for you. Match them with a colored legging, your favorite heels, and dangle earing and you are good to go for any occasion.

Asymmetrical hem style

I love wearing asymmetrical dresses. The flowing hem behind or the illusion of different style from different angle is just mesmerizing.

Asymmetrical hem style kurtis are just same. You can choose from different styles of longer hemline at the back or asymmetrical hem throughout the kurti as per your liking and body structure. It is perfect for girls who want to create an illusion for a slimmer look. Imara-White-Printed-Kurti-8551-0735621-1-zoom

Quirky print style

Quirky print style kurtis became popular after a couple of fashion designers experimented by using popular paintings or characters in their kurti designs. They are quirky, fresh and make you look apart from the crowd.


Printed kurtis are available in small quirky prints as well as loud bold prints so you get to choose the ones that go well with your personality. Just think of them as graffiti t-shirts or slogan t-shirts. You get to speak your personality through these!

Instead of following any particular style, try to experiment with your look in the way you want to. Wear quirky jewelry, heels, wedged bellies, and clothing accessories to have a different look. You can also try out new makeup trends as well as hairstyle for a chic look. With kurtis, there is no dearth of styling, so keep experimenting and looking fabulous!

Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about latest hot fashion trends and styles popular among women.