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Cocktails & Cocktail Recipes of India

Hello, people out there! Are you in a party mood? Or say, are you a party animal? I am here to introduce the ultimate destination for party lovers. Live In Styleis the place where you can find everything related to entertainment and parties.
If you are the kind of person who craves to live life to the fullest and wild fun is your cup of tea then you must land up at this place and it is just a click away.

It is your virtual guide and tells you exactly which pub is meant for you. The Pub Finder in India tab on the website gives you the option to select your city, locality and also the type of place you are looking for. You can also hit the buttons related to what mood are you in. There are four options namely, party, hangout, relax and dine-out. So, click click and voila you have a list of suggestions to pick from and you will absolutely get awestruck due to the accurate results that will be displayed. It will also help you save a lot of time which you would have otherwise spent while thinking hard about the perfect place to hangout at.


The Live Responsibly tab on the website holds important information by eminent experts who teach you the lessons related to drinking. There are various norms, rules, tips and safety instructions related to drinking because it is essential to be in limits along with being the party animal. Go through the quality blogs and know for yourself what are the limits set for drinking and why you should not drink out of control.

The Cocktails tab on the website is something you will fall for. With exquisite details about different genres of drinks, you can learn recipes of cocktails and know them better. Even if you consider yourself an expert already you will be surprised to know the variations that the experts at Live In Style have added on the website.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website and get engrossed in the perfect party mood. It is the time to live, drink, enjoy and PARTY HARD!

Disclaimer: This post is meant for people aged 25 years and above.


Bring Out The Dancer In You || The Dance Bible

Dancing is my true passion, but I sometimes felt how about sharing my experience and skill with like-minded people. one fine day while surfing the web I came through this magical website which has helped me take my passion for dance to a different level altogether. For all those people who have the passion for dancing and the love for dance flows in their blood, The Dance Bible is your ultimate destination.

You will be awestruck by joining the website because it has a lot to offer. You cannot even imagine what all you can do here.

  • The dance style section helps you in knowing different international dance styles inside out. You must be passionate towards your preferred style but being an avid dancer you must have knowledge of other dance forms as well.
  • The dance blog section lets you read about everything related to dance. With blog posts from passionate dancers; this section brings to you details of upcoming dance events, lists of eminent dance schools etc.
  • The dance videos and dance audios are the ultimate dance gallery any dancer would love to be a part of.
  • Eminent dancers interviewed and listed under this section called dance interviews. Read and get inspired.
  • Create your own dance portfolio and let the world know what sets you apart. Mention the dance forms in which you excel and upload your own videos and pictures. It is a path to showcase your skills.

  • The dance forum is the magical space where you can meet other dancers and like-minded people. Interact with them and get your doubts cleared. This is the answer to all your problems and issues faced while dancing.

  • The dance quotes and dance memes are the sections for getting inspired and laughing your heart out respectively. It is enjoyable to read the motivational dance quotes or go through funny and interesting memes.

This is not all; the website has much more to offer. It is not easy to describe in words what the dance bible is for passionate dancers. It is an unparallel platform where people from every age, profession, sex, country can come and quench their thirst for dancing. This virtual world is no less than a real dancing arena where you can meet people and interact with them.

From guiding, teaching, exploring to even enjoying, there is everything available here; all you need to do is just dance.

You can also visit the Facebook page for more information.

Amazing Airtel!

High speed internet is a dream for many as too many of us crave to sit on a PC with extremely fast internet connection so that we can feel the buzz of power inside us.
When I heard about Airtel and its 4G network, my excitement knew no bounds. There are so many different ways by which I could optimize the use of this extremely high speed network and I would like to share it with you.

Long distance relationships
There is nothing which helps more than video chats when it comes to long distance relationship. You can find a lot of people who are currently in long distance relationships and they are often asked how they handle the pains of staying away from the ones they love! Thanks to technology you can cut down the miles a lot more easily. With the Airtel 4G network, chatting with your long distance partner would be a whole lot easier. You can talk to them daily and see them and almost feel them near you.
With a Skype video call, it feels like you are really in there with them. I do understand that the feeling of seeing someone in person is inexplicable but still it is better to see them at least. When I get my super fast internet network, I am going to stay in touch with every person I love who is not close to me.
I am often so engrossed in work that it becomes difficult for me to meet my friends, even the ones that stay nearby. In such cases, having high speed internet comes as a big relief because it sorts out the mess for me. I can willingly talk to them over video chat and it will help me know what they have been up to.

Enjoy the games
Are you a hardcore gamer? Do you have an absolute favorite when it comes to games? Here is your chance to enjoy the most of what you have. With the high speed Airtel 4G network, you can play as many games as you want and that too live as well. You do not need to be bothered about how you will handle the quick gaming details as quick internet means that you will be able to load the game really quickly and thereby enjoy it to the fullest. Not only this, even if you take a look at other details, you will find that when you have a really fast network, you can easily download the
tutorials and even game related videos as well. This will allow you to be sure as to what are the main ways by which you can handle the game and improve your mastery over it.
Life looks better with a high speed internet connection, isn’t it? What do you have to say about it? Can you wait for this big change to begin?