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Datsun redi-Go: India’s futuristic car

Cars are no more a luxury item. They have undoubtedly become an item of necessity. There was a time when we hardly knew people who owned a car and today we hardly know any family that doesn’t own a car. Be it shopping, dropping your kids to school, going out for dinner, family outing, picnics, long drive or any other aspect, you car is always with you like your life partner.

Datsun has introduced an Urban cross styled car namely redi-Go that is all kinds of good. Can you imagine what exactly a blend of compact crossover and urban hatchback would perform like? The redi-Go is all set to give you this unique experience and you will love its features:

The goodness of Japan’s technology is visible in the design of this car. Although the car has a sleek silhouette with lean side character lines, the overall construction is robust and powerful. It has an impressive sporty attitude that will give you the right feel while on the road. The head lamps, as well as the tail lamps, have been beautifully set and the car also comes with daylight running lamps that ensure greater safety.

The 5-speed gear that works manually is a boon for the one who loves driving. You can control the car easily and the transmission runs smooth. With the drive computer panel in front of the driver’s eye every minute, important information can be easily checked which includes, the mileage, fuel remaining, shift indicator etc. The air conditioning works flawlessly, thus cooling the entire car space. It is a blessing for the passengers keeping in mind the rising temperature in India. The car in itself is a stunner when it comes to comfort.

The interiors of the car are built to provide comfort as well as a classy feeling. There is enough room for comfortable seating and there is an added room for luggage. You can easily cover long distances in the redi-Go. The power window system can be readily and conveniently operated with the help of smooth buttons. The audio system serves as the perfect entertainment package. You can keep your important stuff handy in the stylish dashboard. The awesome feel of the fabric will give you a homely feel.

I want to test the car in the outskirts of my city (Kolkata) and see whether my family feels comfortable even after long hours of the car ride. The rugged roads and the sharp turns are a speciality when it comes to driving on the outskirts of Kolkata.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. The ultimate car for the youth is here to give us a flawless driving experience.

This car will give me a chance to make my family happy because I will now take them out every weekend. The seamless driving experience will make my office rides comfortable. I am looking forward to booking this car and spread happiness among my family members. From work to fun the Datsun redi-Go will be my partner always.